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Laser Hair Removal at New Focus Healthcare

Ingrown bumps happen when shaved or plucked hair grows back into the skin. They are irritating and sometimes painful.

Free your skin from these ingrown bumps with Laser Hair Removal. It reduces the hair follicles which produce hair and as a result, your hair is permanently reduced.

Remove unwanted hair today with one of our experienced medical staff who can customize your treatment to your unique skin tone and hair type to remove unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal is the best method for permanent hair reduction.

Here are just some of the benefits of laser hair removal treatment:

It's Quick

Laser hair removal is the fastest way to get rid of unwanted hair, taking only a few minutes each session.

It's Precise

Laser technology is incredibly precise making it a great option for small areas like eyebrows, upper lips, nose, bikini line, or hairline.

It Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Shaving, waxing, and other methods of hair removal can cause ingrown hairs. If you're prone to ingrown hairs, laser hair removal is an excellent option.

Long-term Solution

Most people see permanent, lasting results with laser hair removal. Because it's a long-term solution, it's also cost effective.


What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the safest and most effective methods used to permanently remove unwanted hair. The hair removal process is done by using a laser that beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. The pigments of the hair follicle will then absorb the light creating heat that singes and destroys the hair and root with the result of permanently stopping future hair growth. Due to the different hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are required at different sets of intervals depending on the area of the body laser hair removal was done.

Will laser hair removal work on lighter shades of hair?

Laser hair removal works best on darker shades of hair such as brown and black. Because the laser only detects darker pigments in the hair follicle, shades like red, blonde, gray, and white will not respond to treatments.

What does it feel like?

The Gentle Max Pro feels like a hot sting for a fraction of a second. It has a built-in cooling tip that not only protects the skin but also helps to minimize discomfort. Most patients have no discomfort after treatment and may resume normal activities within a reasonable period. Since pain sensitivity varies greatly, some areas may be uncomfortable, and some areas may be very easy to tolerate. “Numbing Cream” is available for purchase if you prefer. Please let us know.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal treatments?

We advise all our patients to take certain steps and be precautious when coming in for treatment to ensure they receive the best results! You should discontinue any waxing or pluck 4-6 weeks prior. When waxing or plucking hairs you are removing the hair follicle which is needed for the laser to detect the hair that needs to be destroyed. You may shave 24-48 hours before treatment! Be sure to void direct sun exposure. If unavoidable, use the minimum SPF 30 sunscreen. Also, if you enjoy tanning please be sure to discontinue tanning treatments 1-to 2 weeks before treatment. Tanning includes beds, self-tanning lotions, creams, and sprays. To avoid any complications or possible burning it's best to schedule your treatments after you have cycled out of the tanning process.

How long do the treatments take?

We schedule anywhere from 15-60-minute appointments. However, the actual amount of time the laser is being used can vary from as little to 3 minutes for an upper lip, up to 30-45 minutes for full legs or a man’s back. Very often, follow-up treatments are shorter because there is much less hair to treat.

How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments required for optimal results varies depending on the area treated, hair density, growth cycle, treatment parameters used, and several other factors. Typically, 5-10 treatments, 4-10 weeks apart, may be required to achieve the desired results. Hair cycle length varies depending on the body part. The face usually has a shorter treatment cycle and therefore more frequent treatments, which may be about 4-6 weeks apart, may be needed whereas the legs and back need less frequent treatments closer to 10-12 weeks apart. All laser-treated hair should be expected to shed out within 3 weeks of each treatment. During the shedding phase, hair may look like it’s growing, but it is starting the shedding process. Exfoliating and/or scrubbing gently in the shower with a loofa can help speed up the shedding process.

What results can I expect?

Treatment results may vary among patients. For some, this may mean a significant decrease in the frequency of how much you must shave. For others, it may mean permanent cosmetic improvement because hair re-growth is minimal, very fine, or completely absent. Most patients will lose, on average, 10% – 20% of actively growing hair, permanently with each treatment depending on the hair cycle. Everyone may have few re-growths with time, depending on hormones, ethnicity, etc., regardless of the technology used. Hair that grows back will tend to be much finer, lighter, patchy, and will take longer to grow back in addition to being less concentrated with the skin becoming smoother.

Will my skin scar or blister?

With any laser, this is a possibility. However, with our lasers, this is very unlikely because they are much gentler on the skin than most lasers that remove hair.

If I have light hair (e.g. blonde, grey, red) will I see a reduction?

Unfortunately, patients with light-colored hair see minimal to no results. The laser targets the melanin and these light hairs do not have enough melanin for the laser to see and destroy the follicle.

What if I just want less hair in an area?

It is possible to just reduce the amount of hair in an area. Simply purchase a package for the area you would like to thin out and receive successive treatments until you are happy with the amount of remaining hair. Patients should continue treatments until the remaining hairs are too fine for the laser to target, or until they’ve reached their desired level of reduction.

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